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Screw Machining

Multiple Spindles

  • Davenports (1" max cap.)
  • Acme Gridley (1-5/8" max cap.)
  • BSA (1-5/8" max cap.)

Single Spindles

  • Browne & Sharpe (1-5/8" max cap.)


MachiningA Screw Machine is a metalworking machine used in the high volume manufacture of turned components.

In operation, a Screw Machine is similar to a Lathe. Essentially a Screw Machine is an Automated Turret Lathe.

Screw Machines have been replaced by CNC Lathes to some extent. However, for high volume production of turned components nothing is as cost efficient as a Screw Machine.

In the hierarchy of manufacturing machines, the Screw Machine sits at the top when large volume of product is needed. An Engine Lathe sits at the bottom, taking the least amount of time to set-up but the most amount of skilled labor and time to actually produce a part.

A turret lathe has traditionally been one step above a Lathe, needing greater set-up time but being able to produce a higher volume of product and usually requiring a lower skilled operator once the set-up process is complete. Screw Machines may require an extensive set-up but once running, a single operator can monitor the operation of several machines.

Screw MachiningThe advent of the CNC Lathe or more properly: the CNC Turning Center, has blurred these distinct levels of production to some extent. The CNC Turning Center most appropriately fits in the mid-range of production, replacing the turret lathe. However, it is often possible to produce a single component with a CNC turning center more quickly than can be done with an Engine Lathe.

To some extent too, the CNC turning center has stepped into the region traditionally occupied by the Screw Machine. The ease of set-up of CNC machinery makes it attractive alternative to the Screw Machine. However, in nearly all cases, a Screw machine, once set-up, can outperform any other turning machine in speed and cost of production.


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